Standard 3-Coat Stucco System

Plaster Scratch Coat

The process of applying a Portland base cement product mixed with an approved aggregate to be the base coat for the brown coat. With a number of ways to be applied MAC Plastering will properly apply and inspect the scratch coat and allow the scratch coat to sufficiently cure before the installation of the brown coat. Scratch coat can be hand or machine applied, whichever is more suitable to fit your project.

Plaster Brown Coat

After the scratch coat is sufficiently cured, MAC will apply the brown boat to straighten and strengthen the walls. The brown coat process can also be applied by hand or machine, and then rodded straight and true. It is then floated out to meet all specifications. The brown coat is the process that makes your walls straight, or the process of applying the texture for a mission finish.

Plaster Finish Coat

The plaster finish coat is what delivers the final texture and/or color to your project. Ask us about the many options for your finish coat! Go to our texture galleries to see some of the options available.