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Stucco Services for your Home or Business

The popularity of stucco continues to rise throughout the country, especially in Southern California. With the numerous options in color, performance, application, texture, and design, stucco remains a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings alike.

MAC Plastering specializes in the traditional three-coat and one-coat stucco, as well as the increasingly popular acrylic finish. The three-coat stucco system, which consists of a scratch coat, a brown coat, and a finish coat, is still considered the sturdiest option. The one-coat stucco system consists of one base coat with a finish coat, rather than the three layers of traditional stucco. This allows for faster application and takes less time to cure. Each technique is demonstrated to be strong, durable, and climate-resistant ensuring a high quality finished product. Our certified staff can assist you in selecting the most appropriate stucco process to fit your particular project. Each of these finishes provides the aesthetic element of your project, resulting with the desired color, texture, and attractive curb appeal.

Stucco Textures

Texture is what gives stucco its substance, dimension, and character. Stucco can be used to provide highlights and depth, or can even achieve the look of a different construction material such as wood timbers, brick, or stone masonry construction. Our stucco services include consultations and recommendations to our clients, ask for our assistance today!
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Stucco Colors

The finishing touch to your stucco is the color coat, beautifying and enhancing the appearance of your building. Choose MAC Plastering for your stucco project and we will help you to choose the perfect colors for your project. Whether it’s a stock or custom color, we will assist you in choosing the perfect color for your project. Need to match an existing color? We can do that too!
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